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Competitive Hourly Aircraft Rental Rates!

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Cessna 152

Forgiving, reliable, and highly versatile, the Cessna 152 makes for the perfect training aircraft to kickstart the pilot certification process.


Cessna 172

The all-American dream general aviation airplane, the Cessna 172 is the most popular general aviation aircraft in history. With seating for one pilot and three passengers, the Cessna 172 makes for the perfect training and cross-country aircraft.


DA40 (G1000)

Sleek, fast, and highly advanced, the Diamond DA40 gives any pilot and passenger the most memorable flying experience. Equipped with the G1000 Avionics Suite, California Airways' fleet of DA40 aircraft make for the perfect advanced training and cross-country aircraft.

Why Choose CalAir

  • Competitive wet rental rates for all aircraft;
  • Large and well maintained fleet;
  • Highly experienced staff;
  • Easy scheduling with FlightCircle;
  • Member of the OpenAirplane network;

Rental Requirements

Renter's Insurance Medical Payment

Pilots are required to carry renter's insurance in order to rent any California Airways aircraft without an instructor. This insurance requirement applies to solo students currently training under both Part 61 and 141 with California Airways. To learn more and get a quote, please click here.

California Airways checks to verify whether pilots maintain at least a current third class medical certificate in order to release aircraft for rental. Click here to search for an Aviation Mexical Examiner in your area.

California Airways accepts cash or credit card payments for rentals. All rental fees do not include the cost of instructors. Instructors are to be paid separately. Please consult with the appropriate instructor to determine which payment methods are accepted.