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PA28 (1976) N75278

FleetOur Aircraft >>PA28 (1976) N75278
FleetOur Aircraft >>PA28 (1976) N75278

N75278 PA28 | $189/hr*

*Rate subject to change. Rates displayed on this website are wet rates. Visit or call California Airways to reserve an aircraft.

N75278 Information About the PA28

This wonderful PA28-200R was added to the fleet just recently. This aircraft is a complex airplane with a constant speed propeller and retractable gear, making it the perfect airplane for SEC and CFI ratings.

The arrow now has a Garmin 650 WAAS touch screen GPS in addition to the Garmin GTX345 transponder ADS-B in and out with Bluetooth for your tablet, and a new Garmin G5 attitude indicator as well as a new 4 place PS2 audio Panel. Fully IFR ready to go!


See POH.